Is it the weekend yet?

I took this image last weekend while on a short getaway to Thessaloniki, Greece ♥ That was a much needed trip and got me dreaming of travelling around the Balkan countries, which will be fun, tho a very long-term project. So I started re-building the Travel gallery from some previous travels, as self-motivation. And am suddenly active again on Instagram, so you can say “Hi” there too… :>P

Happy Friday, you guys!


9 thoughts on “Is it the weekend yet?

    1. I hope Friday flies quickly for you, Lois!! oh my word, this means we are almost 8 time zones apart :O
      it is almost end of work and school day here, phew…
      and thank you so much, happy you like the shots 🙂 xoxo

    1. I love Thessaloniki, been there three times,but am constantly discovering new things about the town… visited the old part this time,which was also amazing… I hope you visit the Greek mainland and the Balkans someday 🙂 thank you very much, conspicari!!

    1. A guy had his bike (this bike) propped so he could take photos of the sunset, while I was taking photos of his bike lol:))
      I’m happy you like the shot!
      Happy Friday!! 🙂

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