23 thoughts on “Tea, anyone?

  1. I like the photo but not the writing behind the photo. Oh, Alex–I hope you feel better. Yeah, doctors are the last thing I think of when I think ‘sick.’ Warm, healthy thoughts your way. XO

    1. two antibiotics and an x-ray and I’m back to square one, only even worse… more doctors? thanks but no thanks…
      I’ll take a leave from work after 7th of December, hope rest also helps…
      warm and healthy thoughts back at you, Lois β™₯

    1. whiskey must be the secret ingredient to keep viruses away lol πŸ˜› I’m ready to try anything at this point only to stop coughing… :/
      thank you so much, Art!!

  2. Get well soon, Alex 😦 It sounds like a very bad cold you got there. Stay warm, and lots of water. Hope the boys don’t give you too much of hard time too. This is such a lovely shot. Looks so inviting with a lovely drink. More of those hot drinks for you ❀

    1. thank you so much, sweetness β™₯ both boys already had the virus and beated it, thanks goodness, but I keep falling sicker… damn tea, I prolly had buckets of it already lol… let’s hope for a better new week, and healthier πŸ™‚ xoxo

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