Snowy Sunday

Day 10/31
Honestly, I was hoping to capture a photo of the boyz playing in the snow yesterday, but quite frankly it would have been easier to capture running wild boars than these two enjoying the winter fun LOL… The snow has stopped and turned to ice this a.m., but we are all hoping for more to come!



  1. So you and your boys like snow 😀 Hope there is more snow for you all and you can take more lovely winter photos like this one. I actually don’t like cold at all. For me, the warmer, the better and the happier I am 😀

    1. we like snow for different reasons lol 🙂 they like to play in it, I like to take pictures 😀 but last year winter was so long and super cold and freezing, we got tired of it and in the end I was longing for spring 🙂 I was just reading the weather forecasts and they say warm and sunny this week, well, we love that too 🙂 thank you so much, Mabel ♥ have a lovely week ahead!!

      1. Maybe your camera will get a good workout this month. So many photos you can take 😀 We are also having warm and sunny this week, how funny is that. It is like we are like living apart in two different worlds and our weather patterns can be quite similar 😀 Wishing you a good week too, Alex. Lots of love and hugs ❤ xxx

        1. not exactly as your photo-walks, but so far I haven’t missed a day of taking photos this month, which in my books is almost a Christmas miracle lol 😀 love and hugs back at you, sweetness!! xoxo

          1. Haha, I feel I could be faster on my walks if I took less photos 😀 Sometimes stopping for walks I feel sensory overload 😞 Many more photos for this month. Good going ❤

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