31 December – 3 January

Hey you guys, did you have good time on New Year’s Eve?

On the last day of the past year I finally managed to capture my firstborn on camera, which was really the biggest present I could get, hehe…


We had great time celebrating the new year and I still find confetti around the house, three days now into 2018 lol…


We still don’t have snow and the streets are totally drab and grey. Which is actually a chance to test some new bw processing (thoughts?)…


… and look for color anywhere possible. Happy (colorful) Hump Day!! 😀


And, yes, I’ve decided to start a 365 photo-a-day project, fingers crossed I don’t quit like the last 2-3 times lol 😀 *As usual, I post the images daily on Instagram.



  1. Nice pictures Alex ! Hope you feel better since my last comment ? I wish you and your family a happy, luminous and creative new year !
    In the pleasure to continue to follow you in 2018 😉 :-*

    1. oh,my sweet Céline, thank you so much!! here’s best wishes for you and yours in the new year too ♥ have you been updating your blogs? I haven’t got any update notifications for either of your wonderful blogs and was wondering how you are doing? xoxo

      1. Dear Alex, thank you very much for your answer and your wishes, I appreciate a lot ! 🙂
        I don’t update my personal blog, just my photo’s blog… I cross a difficult time since last September (morally speaking) and I’ve lost my motivation to publishing there 😦 Hope I’m coming back again over there soon xoxo

        1. I am a bit worried now, hope all is well and will be well soon!!! I understand you so well, Céline, as you know I’ve quit blogging too many times already for the same reasons… it is hard work and could be really demotivating with all the obligations or any problems we might have in our real life… don’t beat yourself up, you can always return to it and I always love to read about you and go through your beautiful photos ♥ I only hope all is well with you, my friend!!

    1. January starts so grey here, ugh, and I am looking at these first photos and they are quite colorful, I kind of overcompensate for the lack of color I guess lol 🙂 so happy you like the shots, Snow, thank you so much!!! and yes, let’s hope for a colorful and rich (in emotions, travels and dreams) 2018… ♥

    1. I am so inconsistent with taking photos, Lois, I take photos 3 months then 9 months I completely forget how I turn on my camera… so I decided to give a 365 project one more chance… plus, I figured, with a 24/7 computer job this is a great way to get out more… fingers crossed and thank you sooooo much, happy you like this bunch of photos :)))

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