1. the color coordination is an idea from Instagram and I loved it too 🙂 though pink proved very hard to find where I live… if the color for next month is grey, I’d flood the blog with images hands down lol… what I mean is, I really started appreciating color, and especially in winter 🙂
      wishing you a lovely week, Snow! thanks for stopping by…

      1. Hahah! Hope it’s grey then, hehee… 😀
        I see winter over here as very black-grey-and white too, and I miss colors 🙂 There are lots of light yellow/beige houses over here but other than that, the main theme is definitely grey. People even dress in grey or back all the time. Blah.

        1. same here, black and grey clothes in winter :/ I can’t wait already for the first blossoms so they bring in some color, but that is at least a couple months away… until then, grey and black it is lol…
          enjoy your day, Snow 🙂

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