Is it the weekend yet?

I took this image last weekend while on a short getaway to Thessaloniki, Greece ♥ That was a much needed trip and got me dreaming of travelling around the Balkan countries, which will be fun, tho a very long-term project. So I started re-building the Travel gallery from some previous travels, as self-motivation. And am suddenly active again on Instagram, so you can say “Hi” there too… :>P

Happy Friday, you guys!



Halloween has started to make its way where I live (in the Balkans) only recently and not in the proportions I see in photos from  other parts of the planet ;-P I guess more Halloween costumes will crawl out in the streets later today, but earlier I came across only this “zombie-princess” at the bookstore in the hood… I haven’t shot a single street portrait in ages, but still decided to ask her to step outside the bookstore for a photo.. With the wind in her hair she looks more pretty than scary , but, anyways – Happy Halloween, you guys ;-P